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301 Church Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915

General Office: 865-215-7800

Office hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Service Change


Reduced Service Schedules in Effect

Effective Monday, August 29, 2022, reduced service schedules went into effect on some KAT bus routes. Click here for more information.

KAT Provides Many Options For Getting to the UT game

More and more Vols fans are realizing that public transit is the easiest way to the game, and Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) is taking steps to make it even easier by creating Passenger Playbooks – special color-coded cheat sheets to get to and from the game for 5 major routes.

“We are seeing more and more people using KAT’s regular system to get to the game,” says Dawn Distler, Director of Transit for the City of Knoxville. “Passengers can simply read a playbook and join those who have already figured out that leaving the car and hopping on the bus is the best way to go.”

How-To-Ride Guides for Service along Major Corridors on Game Day
Passenger Playbooks have been created for routes along the following corridors:
• Kingston Pike
• Broadway
• Magnolia Avenue
• Central Street/Clinton Highway
• Chapman Highway
The last trip from downtown on these routes departs at 11:15 p.m. but that would be extended in the case of a late game, says Distler. All routes connect over to Cumberland, putting fans 2 blocks from the stadium. The special ‘Passenger Playbooks’ include information on travel time, where to catch the bus along the route, cost, and how to get back after the game. They can be viewed and downloaded at They are color-coded by route, and colored balloons will be used for the first game to help guide new riders to buses to and from the game.

All Day Passes and Wristbands
For these trips and others, KAT recommends purchasing a day pass, either upon boarding the bus or before game day at Knoxville Station’s Customer Service Counter, 301 Church Avenue. The $4 pass ($2 for seniors 65 and older, persons with disabilities, and students age 18 and under with proper ID) provides unlimited rides all day on all bus routes. To expand options to the KAT Football Shuttle services (discussed below), a wristband for $6 provides access to all fixed routes as well as game day shuttles, and are also available at Knoxville Station the week prior to the game.

Football Shuttles
KAT also offers football shuttle services from the locations listed below. Wristbands – sold on-site on game day as well as at Knoxville Station the week prior – act as your round-trip ticket to ride.
• Civic Coliseum Garage – $6 wristband (additional parking charge)
• The Old City near Barley’s – $6 wristband (possible additional parking charge)
• Krutch Park/Market Square – $6 wristband (Clinch at Market St)
• Farragut – $16 wristband
Shuttles begin 3 hours prior to game time. Return shuttles begin with the 4th quarter and run 1 hour after the end of the game.

Keeping you informed
KAT’s Facebook page and Twitter feed will be providing updates throughout game day on any delays or detours. In addition, KAT’s website offers new text alert features for by route, providing immediate information to keep the public informed and moving.

For more information, visit KAT’s website at, call 865-637-3000, or visit KAT’s Facebook page at

For more information on this news release, contact Belinda Woodiel-Brill at 865-215-7828 or Savannah Leeper at 865-215-7826.

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301 Church Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915

General Office: 865-215-7800

Office hours:
Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 4:30 pm