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301 Church Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37915

General Office: 865-215-7800

Office hours: Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Service Change


Reduced Service Schedules in Effect

Effective Monday, August 29, 2022, reduced service schedules went into effect on some KAT bus routes. Click here for more information.

  • Respect our drivers, employees, and other passengers.
  • Have correct fare or ticket ready when you board.
  • Do not sit or stand in the stairwell.
  • Passengers must be properly attired.
  • All of our buses and vans have wheelchair securement areas.
  • Priority seating is for persons with disabilities. All other passengers should make these seats available to those who wish to use them.
  • Baby strollers may be brought onto the bus, but must be folded and kept out of the aisle.
  • Children are not allowed to sit in strollers while aboard the bus.
  • Service animals are welcome, all others must be secured in a standard animal carrier case.
  • All packages/ bags must be held in your lap. They may not take up an extra seat or be placed in the aisle.
  • Do not distract or interfere with the operator.
  • Please keep conversation volume low as not to disturb others.
  • Use headphones with your electronic devices and keep the volume low.
  • Do not lie down or place feet on seats.
  • No eating or drinking while traveling on KAT Vehicles.

The following are not allowed at any Knoxville Area Transit facility (vehicles, stops, shelters or transit station):

  • No loud or unruly behavior.
  • No littering. Please report any vandalism of buses, shelters or stops.
  • No smoking/ vaping on board any KAT Vehicle or at any of our facilities, except in designated areas.
  • No loitering.
  • No drugs or alcohol.
  • No soliciting and gambling.
  • No hazardous, combustible or dangerous materials of any kind.
  • No weapons of any kind.

Persons may be suspended from riding KAT buses and using our facilities if they engage in prohibited behaviors, or who act in a manner that is unacceptably offensive, dangerous or malicious.