Use Farebox

A farebox is a machine in the bus that allows you to either purchase a pass, or use one that you already have. We invite you to get acquainted with it by watching the video above.

Buying New Pass

If you're buying a new pass
  • Deposit the money using the bill insertion slots and/or the coin insertion cup.
  • If you're buying a one-ride pass, the machine will not issue you a ticket. At this point, you can go ahead, take a seat and enjoy the ride!
  • If you're buying a pass valid for more than one ride, the machine will issue a ticket from the magnetic fare card slot. Make sure to put your new pass in a safe place so you can use it again later!
  • No exact change is needed, but please take into account that if you insert more than the exact fare, you will be issued a card with the difference. You can use these "change cards" towards the fare of your next trip.

Validate Previously Purchase Pass

If you're riding with a previously purchased pass
  • If you bought a pass before riding the bus, run it through the magnetic fare card slot the first time you use, wait for it to be validated and take it back.
  • From the second ride on, use the magnetic swipe slot to validate your fare card instead of the card slot. This will help avoid deterioration of your card, something important specially if you're planning to use it for long periods of time.