Plan Your Trip

Planning Your Route

Before you head out, make sure you know what route or routes you'll need, where your bus stops are and what time the bus should be arriving / departing. There are several ways to plan your trip:
  • You can use our official app, Transit, to get step-by-step directions to where you want to go, the Google trip planner, as well as our maps and schedules.
  • You can also call our Transit Agents at 865-637-3000.
  • You are also welcome at Knoxville Station, on Church Avenue. Here, our Transit Agents will be happy to assist you.

Reading Maps & Schedules

If you want to plan the trip yourself using our maps and schedules, here's some information on how to read them:
  • Match the numbered circle on the map to the column of times with the same number to see when the bus serves that location. These locations are called "timepoints."
  • The symbol T indicates a transfer point. The symbol SS indicates a Superstop. Superstops are specific stops where you can transfer to a different route. Routes serving a transfer point or Superstop are indicated at the top of the times schedule, just above the name of the stop.
  • To determine when the bus serves a stop in between timepoints, look at when it is due at the timepoint before your stop and the timepoint after your stop, and you can estimate when it will arrive. Remember: always be at your stop 3 to 5 minutes early!