Bike & Ride

How to Bike & Ride

Knoxville is a great town for biking, including numerous greenways and urban wilderness sites. That's why all our buses are equipped with bike racks on the front. Bike and Ride is a great way to experience outdoor adventures!
  • When the bus approaches the stop, signal the operator by waving your hand, so he or she knows that you want to ride.
  • Load your bike first, then board the bus.
  • To load your bike, squeeze the metal handle located in the central part of the rack to release it and fold it down.
  • Each rack has space for two bikes. If they are both empty, place your bike in the back slot to save room for someone else.
  • Place the wheels in between the metal bars, so the bike stands by itself. Now, secure your bike using the spring-loaded fastener.
  • When you reach your destination, let the driver know you will be removing your bike. Release the wheels from the fastener and put the rack back up to its original position.