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Reduced Service Schedules in Effect

Effective Monday, August 29, 2022, reduced service schedules went into effect on some KAT bus routes. Click here for more information.

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Service Change


Reduced Service Schedules in Effect

Effective Monday, August 29, 2022, reduced service schedules went into effect on some KAT bus routes. Click here for more information.


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KAT is pleased to introduce our all-electric vehicles.

Here are a few of the amazing benefits of this new technology:


    With their zero-emission drive, this bus operates with 100% electric propulsion. Each electric bus helps us prevent nearly 300,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions in our community annually. That’s like planting 2,283 trees. Electric buses also reduce tailpipe exhaust, keeping our air cleaner and our riders healthier.


    Electric vehicles are up to 50% quieter than a standard vehicle, so everyone on the bus as well as in the community benefits from reduced noise pollution.


    These vehicles can run a long time on an electric charge, returning to the garage at the end of the day to plug in and charge back up. Meanwhile, did you know that while on the bus, you can be connected as well? In addition to the free wi-fi, all seats on these electric buses have a USB port to keep you charged up and going!

    KAT currently has 12 all-electric buses, and expects to add more in the future. Passengers can ride these buses on Route 17: Southerland, and several other routes.

    In order to provide the best service to our community, operators and maintenance staff are undergoing extensive training with this new technology.

    About the New Flyer Xcelsior® Zero Emission Bus

    Zero-emission buses lend positive environmental impact:

    A 40-foot electric bus can save up to 135 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) annually, which is what a traditional 40-foot clean diesel bus would emit per year (this becomes 150 metric tons for 60-foot models). 

    Compared to clean-diesel, zero-emission buses (when using 100% renewable energy) save roughly 5 lb. of greenhouse gas emissions per each mile of service. On a per bus basis, this equates to 100-150 metric tons of GHG elimination per year.  

    Noise reduction:

    New Flyer Xcelsior® buses have the lowest industry noise levels via single reduction rear axle, quieter air-conditioning and improved body insulation. During the Altoona Interior Noise: 0 to 35 mph Acceleration Testing, the Xcelsior CHARGE H2 scored the lowest dBA level, making it the quietest bus on the market. 

    Economic benefits:

    The Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ transit bus provides up to $400,000 lower fuel costs over the 12-year life of the bus (compared to a 40-foot diesel bus; actual savings will depend on regional energy costs and charging methods). 

    Flexible charging:

    The 35′ Xcelsior CHARGE® has a range of up to 220 miles (440 kWh)* on a single charge, but with on-route charging, range is unlimited. The on-route rapid charger provides the means for New Flyer buses to stay in service 24 hours daily. To charge, the bus stops underneath the charger and the pantograph makes contact with the charge bars. New Flyer buses are interoperable with charging equipment that supports all heavy-duty electric vehicles. 

    Connected technology:

    Connect 360™ is included on every new zero-emission Xcelsior CHARGE NG™ bus. Operated by New Flyer Connect®, Connect 360 is a customizable performance dashboard that provides smart analytic reporting to expand insight and intelligence for managing your battery-electric bus. Benefits include: 

    • Additional range capability with improved driver performance 
    • Decision-making information to optimize charging strategies 
    • Intelligence on how to preserve battery energy throughout the day 
    • Reduced operating cost and maximum fleet utilization  

    To date, Connect 360 remains the only reporting technology of its kind for battery-electric buses in North America. 

    Want to learn more about clean energy and how our community is working to combat climate change? The links below might interest you: