Reduced Service Schedule

Knoxville Area Transit has reduced weekday service on some routes as a result of a current workforce shortage. This shortage  is NOT due to increased COVID-19 cases amongst employees, but rather, due to employees following proper CDC guidelines of quarantining when required or staying home when feeling sick. In order to maintain the transit service needed to get workers to their jobs and for people to make necessary trips, KAT has made the changes listed below to KAT routes. Detailed schedules are attached. *Please note that additional buses will be dispatched as needed and available.

The routes are listed below, this change will be in effect until further notice.

Weekday service reductions: (click route to view schedule)

All other weekday routes will maintain their current schedules, and weekend service will remain the same, with the exception of evening trolley service described above.

KAT routes are operating on a Reduced Fare Structure