Knoxville Area Transit GTFS Data

Every now and then, we get requests from developers who would like to use our public transit data in applications they work on. If you’re one of them, we welcome you: This page is for you!

Our transit data is available in the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS). This dataset includes schedule data for all fixed routes and trolley routes of Knoxville Area Transit (KAT).

Our GTFS data is hosted by the City of Knoxville, and it is updated when routes change. You can download and use this data free of charge. Click here to be redirected to this source.

To learn more about GTFS in general, please visit Google’s dedicated page. To report any inconsistencies, or if you have any questions or comments about it, please send an email to

For other questions, we encourage you to visit our FAQ’s section.

Happy Developing!

These are some of the apps that have been developed with this data:

- Transit

Please keep in mind: These are not official KAT products, and we do not endorse, warrant or support them. Feel free to try them all out and use the one that fits your style best!