Severe Weather

Severe Snow Routes

If weather conditions become severe, KAT may begin running on Severe Snow Routes. When this happens, service will ONLY be provided on the major corridors of Knoxville. This includes: Kingston Pike (to Walker Springs), Chapman Highway (to Walmart), Magnolia Avenue (to Burns), Broadway (to Essary), and Western Avenue (to I‐640 Plaza).

During Severe Snow Routes, all passengers ride free, but please note: KAT can return to Snow Routes before a passengers return trip and the passenger will be required to pay regular fare for that portion of the trip.

  • Route 11: Kingston Pike: Will NOT service West Town Mall.
  • Route 12: Western Avenue: Services ONLY Western Avenue and Industrial Parkway.
  • Route 22: Broadway: Does not service Broadway Avenue past the Fountain City Superstop.
  • Route 31: Magnolia: Does not service Holston on the outbound, or any stop east of Burns Rd. Takes Magnolia onto Asheville Hwy, right on Burns, right on Holston to MLK, right on Kirkwood, left on Magnolia).
  • Route 41: Chapman Highway: Regular route.