Snow Routes

Snow routes bits

Safety is our main concern, especially during winter, when the weather can create dangerous road conditions.

In the event of a snowfall, when road conditions become dangerous, KAT may operate on one of two service levels, "Snow Routes" or "Severe Snow Routes," depending on how difficullt the weather conditions become.

Snow Routes

Snow Routes are slightly altered routes that help ensure the safety of our passengers and operators as they navigate the city. The list below shows each KAT route and describes how that route is affected when operating on Snow Routes. When weather conditions worsen, tune into a local radio station or TV channel to find out if KAT will operate on Snow Routes. The most current information can be found on our website, our Facebook page or by following us on Twitter. For more information, call us at 865-637-3000.

  • Route 11: Kingston Pike: Detours around State Street; from Main to Walnut, to Church into the Transit Center. Does not service Gleason or Morrell. Takes Montvue into West Town Mall (Perimeter Road) to Ray Mears.
  • Route 12: Western Avenue: Mechanicsville service on University only. No service on Western Heights. No service on Delaware and no service on Lonsdale on Texas Ave. Passengers in the Lonsdale area will need to catch route 12 at Industrial Park.
  • Route 13: Beaumont: Does not service 21st Street on the inbound. Stays on Middlebrook to Western.
  • Route 16: Cedar Bluff Connector: Does not service Fox Lonas. From Park Village, left on Dutchtown, left on Cedar Bluff to regular route.
  • Route 17: Sutherland / Bearden: Does not service UT/FT. Sanders. Takes Henley to Western, to Middlebrook, to regular route. Return trips take Summit Hill to Locust, to Church, to the Transit Center.
  • Route 20: Central Avenue / Clinton Highway: No service on Tillery or Clinton Highway south of Merchants. Takes Central Avenue Pike to Merchants to regular route.
  • Route 21: Lincoln Park: No service on Folson; uses Kern and Armstrong instead. No service into Broadway Shopping Center. No Service to St. Mary's Medical Center. Regular route north on Oglewood.
  • Route 22: Broadway: Does not service Broadway past Fountain City Superstop.
  • Route 23: Millertown: Does not service Broadway Towers.
  • Route 24: Breda Road / Inskip: No service on Plummer Road.
  • Route 30: Parkridge: No service on Lula Powell Dr. Route uses Hoitt instead of Brown.
  • Route 31: Magnolia: Regular route.
  • Route 32: Dandridge: No service to Isabella Towers or surrounding neighborhood. No service to Golden Age. No service on Riverside or Brooks (From Wilder, takes Riverside to Iroquois, to Garfield, to Wilder).
  • Route 33: Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK): No Service on Ault Road, Alice Bell or Buffat Mill. Does not enter Kohl's parking lot.
  • Route 34: Burlington: Limited service. Takes MLK Jr. to Chestnut, to Biddle and Boyd's Bridge, turns around at Border then returns. Does not service Golden Age, Kirkwood, or Wimpole Avenue.
  • Route 40: South Knoxville: No service to Gilbert or McClung. Route uses Island Home Avenue to South Haven.
  • Route 41: Chapman Highway: Regular route.
  • Route 42: Ft. Sanders and UT Hospital: No service on Clinch Avenue. Detours around State St. From Main, takes Walnut to Church, to the Transit Center.
  • Route 44: University Park Apartments: Does not go into University Park Apartments.
  • Route 45: Vestal: No service on Blount Avenue, Maryville Pike or Flenniken Avenue. No service into Montgomery Village.
  • Route 90: Crosstown: No service into Northgate Towers or Old Broadway.
  • Blue Line Trolley: Regular Route.
  • Green Line Trolley: No service to Summit Towers.
  • Orange Line Trolley: No service on Clinch Avenue or 11th St. No service to University Commons.