Odell Draper

Knoxville Area Transit
Title: Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 865-215-7802
Odell Draper

After joining KAT as a bus operator in 2007, advancing to various positions and serving as Manager of Safety and Training, Odell was appointed Director of Operations and Safety in 2017 and promoted to Chief Operations Officer in 2019.
In this position, Odell oversees day-to-day transportation and paratransit operations, and designs and executes all policies and programs related to safety, security, and training of employees. He also investigates all accidents involving KAT vehicles and represents KAT in court when necessary. Odell approaches stressful situations with confidence and calm logic due to his experience as an infantryman in the U.S. Army. As a former police officer, Odell's focus on keeping the community protected has made him an effective advocate for the safety of all KAT employees and passengers.

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