Voter Information - We Can Help

During these challenging times, KAT’s Customer Service Team at Knoxville Station is helping provide passengers with important information about voting and elections in Knox County. 

Here is a video describing everything you need to know.  

How KAT Can Help

Our friendly folks at the Knoxville Station Customer Service Counter have the resources and knowledge to help you with information on topics such as:

  • Registering to Vote
  • Expansion of vote-by-mail opportunities due to COVID-19
  • What identification is required for voting
  • Restoration of voting rights
  • Schedule of the 2020 election cycle and ballot information
  • The importance of the 2020 Census or assistance in filling out Census forms

Where Can I Find More

You can find more information about elections at the Knox County Election Commission here or by calling 865-215-2480.

The League of Women Voters also provides election resources. Click here to visit their website.

*KAT Customer Service is only providing information that is available on the Knox County Election Commission website and are not able to provide information on individual candidates.