Service Changes

All service changes - detail Feb 2022

In an effort to provide the best public transit service possible KAT will implement the following service changes in February 2022 (final start date to be determined as soon as possible).

Route 11 - Kingston Pike

  • Route adjustment to eliminate service into the West Town Mall property, along with associated timepoint adjustments.
    • KAT has been on detour since construction began at on the mall property around two years ago.  Removing mall service will allow the bus additional time to reach timepoints at Walbrook and Knoxville Station more reliably.
    • Route 11 - West Town Proposed Change

    • Time-point adjustments

      • The time saved by not entering the mall has created some timepoint adjustments. The 5 minute time buffer will allow the bus to more reliably reach transfer destinations at both Walbrook and Knoxville Station.

Route 12 - Western Ave.

  • Minor route adjustment to eliminate issues related to service along a narrow residential street.Route 12 - Boyd St - update for Feb 22 changes

These changes were approved at the October 28, 2021 KTA meeting.  

In addition, the following routes will return to regular weekday service levels (every 30 minutes):

Route 17 - Sutherland

Route 20 - Central

Route 32 - Dandridge

Route 34 - Burlington

The Green Line Trolley will return to regular 10-minute frequency on weekdays (still ending at 8pm on Fridays).

These changes were approved at the December KTA meeting.

Effective date for these changes will be announced soon.