Reasonable Accommodation Policy

Requests for modifications of KAT’s policies, practices, or procedures to accommodate an individual with a disability may be submitted to KAT.  When making a request, please thoroughly describe what is needed in order for you to use the service, and why this assistance is necessary. KAT will assess the request and make every effort to ensure that everyone can ride.

The Federal Department of Transportation has prescribed four (4) types of requests for accommodation or modification. Requests may be declined if:

  • It fundamentally alters the nature of the service, program or activity;
  • It creates a direct threat to the health or safety of others;
  • It results in undue financial and administrative burden;
  • The requestor would still be able to fully use the service provided by Knoxville Area Transit without the modification.

To submit a request, please fill out the KAT Accommodation Request Form here: KAT Reasonable Accommodation Request. You can also call KAT at 865-637-3000 to request an accommodation.

Anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of their disability in the provision of KAT service, programs or activities may also do so. Please click on the links below to find our policy for filing complaints and a filing form.