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Executive Team

Dawn Distler

Dawn Distler

Director of Transit

Dawn is a 27-year veteran in the field of public transportation. She began as a bus operator in Akron, Ohio and has honed her skills through positions in paratransit, customer service, operations, safety and maintenance before coming to KAT by way of Nashville, TN. She can be found making her way around Knoxville on the KAT buses most any day. Ms. Distler obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from the University of Phoenix, graduating with honors.

Melissa Roberson

Melissa Roberson

Chief Administrative Officer

Melissa attended Memphis State University and received a degree in Political Science, followed by a Master of Public Administration from The University of Tennessee in 1983. She joined KAT shortly thereafter. Melissa oversees operating and capital revenues and expenses, administers transit grants, and directs activities related to compliance with federal and state program requirements. Her position as Chief also puts her in oversight of Marketing and Development and Customer Service functions. Melissa joined KAT during the exciting time of the Knoxville World Fair.

Beverly Campbell

Beverly Campbell

Chief Operating Officer

Beverly grew up in Oak Ridge, TN, and attended The University of Tennessee, graduating in 1974. She began her career at KAT as a Systems Analyst for the very first computer system that was operated by the bus company. When she began her training for this system, the computer company was very excited in their assurances that this company was here to stay. That company was Plexus. Anyone heard of Plexus? KAT still uses the maintenance software from that system to this day. In the early 1990s, Beverly was promoted to Director of Human Resources, and then became Chief Operating Officer. In addition to her operations duties, she also continues to oversee the human resources department. Beverly enjoys her co-workers, and enjoys the fact that they teach her something new every day.

Si McMurray

Si McMurray

Chief Maintenance Officer

Si McMurray is a native of the greater Knoxville area and has served as Chief Maintenance Officer since mid 2007. Prior to this, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Transportation Management from the University of Tennessee, was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army, and has served 23 years in maintenance and logistics management.

Belinda Woodiel-Brill

Belinda Woodiel-Brill

Director of Communications and Service Development

Belinda received her undergraduate degree from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and obtained a Master's Degree in Urban and Regional Planning from The University of Tennessee. Her KAT career began in 1998 as a Marketing Manager. In 2001, Belinda became Director of Marketing and Development. In this position, Belinda handles the route and service planning, as well as marketing and media relations. She also oversees communications, customer service and outreach.

Rodney Boone

Rodney Boone

Director of Operations

Rodney began his career at KAT in 1997. He has held various positions within the organization, beginning as a trolley operator and moving into supervision and management, with even a brief assignment as a maintenance supervisor. As Director of Transportation Services, Rodney oversees day-to-day street operations as well as paratransit operations. Rodney has volunteered with Junior Achievement, and has served as a Bus Roadeo Committee member for the Tennessee Public Transportation Association.

Cindy Pickle

Cindy Pickle

Customer Service Manager

Cindy grew up in Houston, Texas and came to Knoxville in 1993. She joined KAT in 2000 as a bus operator. In 2003, Cindy became KAT's Customer Service Manager. In this position, Cindy has worked to improve customer service through group training as well as one-on-one training, and focusing on both internal and external customer service issues. Cindy is also responsible for KAT's outreach program, and conducts educational programs and travel training for a wide variety of groups in the community. She oversees the half-fare program, the pass sales office and the Transit Agents.

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